Flow Guard Iron Filter – Water Filtration System

Chemical Free Filtration!

The Flow Guard Iron Filter is a non-chemical solution to remove/reduce Iron and Manganese In/Out of Solution (the red and black stains from your well water).

How It Works

Water enters the Flow Guard Iron Filter and passes through the air chamber. This begins the oxidation of the iron and or manganese to a precipitated solid. The multi-media bed then traps the solid and holds it until the next regeneration. When the filter backwashes, the solid is sent to drain.

The Flow Guard Iron Filter uses Automatic, fully programmable Custom Control Valve. The valve is set for two cycles: to backwash the multi-media and to draw air to create the air chamber for the oxidation and precipitation of Iron.

The Flow Guard Iron Filter will remove or reduce Iron and or Manganese depending on the amount of the impurities in the water. The Flow Guard Iron Filter must regenerate every night in order to maintain a fresh air chamber. Water Guard has a five year warranty on the valve and mineral tank for manufacturer’s defects. The filter media is not under warranty.

Flow Guard Iron Filter
10 X 54 12 X 52 13 X 54 14 X 65 16 X 65 18 X 65
Service/Peak Flow 4 / 6 gpm 6 / 8 gpm 7 /9 gpm 8 /11 gpm 11 /14 gpm 13 /18 gpm